Vortex Activation



Kirtan Meditation

​Crystals are the condensed and solidified energetic signatures of our universe. As everything is essentially energy, these crystallized forms each emit a specific frequency based around the type of collected energy where they were created. It is stated in the ancient Vedas of India that gems are one of the essential items for mankind to live healthy and fulfilling lives. They are living and growing entities that experience change just as we do but on a much larger time scale. Crystals can help balance our internal and external energies, bring harmony to a space, and assist in protecting us from the influence of negative lower vibrational frequencies.

While in our care, each stone is handled and charged

by two experienced energy workers.  Through this process

the natural energy of the crystal is enhanced and multiplied.

We take careful time to activate each of our crystals at one of

Sedona's natural Vortex Sites.  We utilize the sacred locations of

Bell Rock Vortex, Cathedral Rock Vortex, and Airport Vortex.  The energy of the site cleanses and charges the stones so they are in their highest vibrational state.


All of our crystals are infused with ancient transcendental sound vibrations, known as mantras.  These sounds have the ability to offer us protection whilst raising our consciousness to connect more deeply with The Divine.  During the practice of mantra meditation our minds become still, our hearts open, and we are at peace.  This is the intention to which we instill every stone to continue to resonate as they travel to their new destination.


​Gopala Govinda Rama Madana Mohana

These same mantras can be enjoyed in the most joyful manner, through singing and dancing.  There are no hard and fast rules, and we are all encouraged to meditate in this fashion to our hearts content with our friends and loved ones.  The more we chant, the more love we feel.  This is the most natural expression of the spirit soul, and that which brings us truly closer to one another and God.